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Why we updated Search Engine Land’s newsletter (and why we think you’ll love it)

Subscribers to our daily newsletters noticed last week a dramatic change in the content we email to our audience daily. It represents a shift in how we are approaching the medium, which is becoming more crowded than ever as media brands, marketers and your chain-letter-loving uncle all compete for precious attention in your inbox.

For us, it all came down to approaching our newsletters with the same goal we hold for all of our editorial products: To create great content. So that’s what we’re doing, moving away from the more traditional RSS-style, headline list format to one that tells a story from start to finish and keeps you informed whether or not you immediately click through to our website (gasp!).

Of course, we’ve got to give credit to Quartz, Morning Brew, The Skimm and others whose highly successful newsletters have shown us all why email is indeed king when you’ve got great content driven by voice, authority and age-old storytelling. But we’ve added our own flair to the approach with Search Engine Land’s new daily brief.

What’s in it?

In addition to our daily recap of the news and features published by Search Engine Land that makes up our daily intro, our newsletter also includes sections that highlight best practices and opinions from our community and other bits of info that we will only publish in these newsletters. They include:

Pro Tip – A daily nugget of tactical info or sage advice sourced from our roster of regular community contributors.

The Soapbox – We’re giving you 150 words to gripe, celebrate, warn, etc. Only appearing in our newsletter. Email [email protected] if you want to stand on the soapbox.

Search Shorts – A daily section of news, notes, updates or just search quirks spotted in the wild. Only found in the newsletter.

Indicators – A quick snapshot of data search marketers should be paying attention to. Once again, only found in the newsletter (sense a pattern?). Got data to share? Email [email protected] to be included.

Chatter – Highlights what SEOs and SEMs are talking about in forums and in epic social media threads.

Dream jobs – Not your average job board. If we see one of those jobs listed that we know any search marketer would jump on, we’ll make sure we share it in this newsletter-only section.

On the move – Big promotions, hires and deals in search marketing. Email [email protected] if you have a tip. And, yes, it’s a newsletter-only feature.

And there’s more. We’ll use occasional sections to update you on our SMX and SMX Advanced banner events, tip you off to great webinars and white papers that we are producing, and resurface killer content from our library.

So please do check it out by subscribing below.

Stop scouring the web for the latest in search marketing. Subscribe to our daily brief.

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We realize that search marketers are busy professionals, so we want to make sure the time you spend with Search Engine Land is valuable and, most of all, helpful to you in your professions. We’re packing a lot into your newsletter to live up to that promise.

Keep us honest, though. If we’re missing something, let us know. Email me any time at [email protected] and let me know how we’re doing.

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